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One size does not fit all

Do you know your shoe size? What about your shirt size? Trouser size? How about your pillow size?

Yes your pillow size.

There is universal agreement between sleep experts around the world that the most important function of a pillow is to fill the gap between your head and shoulder. By filling this gap with the right sized pillow it aids alignment and gives you a better night’s sleep.

80% of us sleep on more than one pillow instinctively trying to achieve alignment and comfort and so better sleep. Ideally we should sleep on one pillow that is the correct height for us and keeps us aligned throughout the night. When this pillow needs replacing we should be able to confidently buy the right pillow again. Until now this has not been possible but that has changed.

Goldilocks pillows come in 5 different height sizes (sizes 1 – 5). By using Goldilocks Pillows it actively helps to provide healthier sleep.

No more guessing how many pillows you should use. Just use one pillow, the one that is YOUR SIZE.