First Visit

During your new patient appointment we will complete a medical health form to get a full picture of you as an individual

and to read and sign the new patient information form. A first visit will involve the thorough taking of a detailed case history including questions about your current problem and how the symptoms have developed.

Following a case history your osteopath will examine you. This includes a postural and spinal assessment. Patients will normally undress to their underwear for this but if you are more comfortable we have modesty gowns for your use. Any appropriate clinical tests will be performed as necessary.

Your osteopath will discuss the working diagnosis with you are a treatment plan. You will be given exercises to do at home and any appropriate advice will be given.

Osteopathic treatment techniques are varied and tailored to individual patients but include:

  • Releasing muscle tension through deep tissue massage, soft tissue stretching and muscle energy techniques.
  • Improving joint mobility via articulations using mobilizations and manipulation where appropriate.

If osteopathic treatment is not appropriate for you and we don’t feel we are able to help you we will be honest with you about this and not waste your time or money. On these occasions you will be given advice as to what to do next.